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Stone Masonry

Cast stone products are made from a semi-dry format that is cost-effective and gives consistent quality and colour, and is therefore ideal for a very wide range of property types including residential, retail, religious, self-build, ornamental and restoration applications.

Levene Brickwork Ltd has used cast stone in a variety of applications from stone cill heads, and arches to door and window reveals. Cast stones are also used for features such as date stones, coping stones and stone coursing bands.

Cast stone or reconstructed stone is a highly refined building material, a form of precast concrete used as masonry intended to simulate natural-cut stone. It is used for architectural features: trim, or ornament; facing buildings or other structures; statuary; and garden ornaments.

Manufactured in custom moulds – either by dry-tamping or wet casting. Dry-tamping is cast in two layers – an inner core and a facing; due to cost, only the facing material usually contains the colouring aggregates and pigments; numerous casts from the same mould can be made on the same day.

The concrete mix for vibrant dry tamp cast stone has zero slump while the wet cast mix includes a higher water content and has 3” to 4” of slump.

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